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Does your pet cuddle up with you at bedtime?

Do you sign your pet’s name on holiday cards. 

Or do you just love your pet like a family member? 

At Petzone Chalets, we understand your special bond because we’re pet parents too. That’s why we created Petzone Chalets – a revolutionary alternative for day and overnight pet care.

Petzone Chalets is our overnight boarding facility for dogs and cats. We offer an exclusive promise, featuring caregivers who are hand-picked for their love of pets and are on the premises 24/7. Pet parents rely on us to take care of their pets when they can’t be there.

You’ll have peace of mind that your pet is safe and happy because everything about PetZone Chalets was designed so that your pet will receive superior care and personalized attention.

Dog Boarding

Choose dog boarding in our comfortable rooms and let your pup enjoy his stay while you are away.

Cat Boarding

Our Cat suites are separated from our dog guests so your cat will have a relaxing stay

We offer the following Boarding Packages: